Expanzs - A Marketplace for Space

14 October 2019

Re-imagining space with an on-demand marketplace

Earlier this month, Intelizest took part in ‘India – Singapore: The Next Phase Business and Innovation Summit 2019’ , a 2-day exhibition for Indian owned IT and Technology businesses in Singapore. Hosted by the High Commission of India in Singapore and in association with agencies of the Government of India, the event was graced by India’s Minister for External Affairs Dr. S Jaishankar, Singapore’s Foreign Minister, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, along with Ministers of State from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and other Indian States.

We were extremely honored to have Capt. Dibya Shankar Mishra, Minister of State for Energy, Industries and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Orissa, officially launch Expanzs in Singapore, at the event. A web-based marketplace, modeled on the concept of Airbnb, Expanzs bridges the gap between demand and supply of commercial and industrial space. A spin-off from the Intelizest group, it connects warehouse owners looking to sell, rent or lease their property, with organizations looking for storage space.

(L - R: Minister of State for Energy, Industries and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Orissa, Capt. Dibya Shankar Mishra being introduced to the concept of Expanzs by our CEO Ashokraj and Directors - Mercy and Anne)

Businesses looking for storage and commercial space can find a wide variety of Warehouses, Yards, Cold Storages, Industrial Parks and Ready Built Factories to choose from, on Expanzs. We also provide additional services such as 3PL, Freight Forwarding, Cross Docking and other relevant services on demand, to simplify the process and enhance customer experience on Expanzs.

A Helping Hand

Managing day to day operations and projects can be tedious, Expanzs not only connects you to the right people on a common platform but also extends a helping hand to assist with your supply chain operations.

The Expanzs Fulfillment Service gives all users a combination of services to choose from to ensure smooth operations within the supply chain. We help connect you with dedicated experts working to meet your requirements, all on a centralized platform.

Our servicess cover you right from identifying warehousing options to picking and packing to managing clearances as well as monitoring your end to end logistics.

Working with an expert and the flexibility to choose your servicess, the Expanzs Fulfillment Services gives you the best combination to work with and support your growth.

Re-imagining Space

With Logistics and Warehousing viewed as key factors in the growth of industries, particularly E-Commerce, both the Indian and Singapore Governments believe that the advancement of technology and innovation will further enhance these business functions/operations.

Businesses in the 21st century are looking towards technological enhancements for the digitization and automation of business operations. Two of the most common challenges in the hunt for space are lack of flexible pricing and time-consuming searching process. With an on-demand storage solution like Expanzs, we believe we can address both these issues as well as the demands of a growing economy.

Why Expanzs?

In the face of digital disruption across fields, the unique features of Expanzs are:


On Expanzs, you can find storage space that matches your requirements to rent, buy or even lease, all on-demand.

Smart Spacing:

Expanzs is built on a scalable platform using AI and IoT to support decision making processes, provide analytics as well as allow for track and trace of stored goods.

Native Platform:

Expanzs is specific to each country with in-built nativity incorporated in the application.

Flexible Solution:

Expanzs not only offers flexible arrangement options but also allows buyers and sellers to negotiate their pricing plans.

Win-Win Deal:

For property owners looking to advertise or put up their surplus space for sale, rent or lease, Expanzs is the place for it. We welcome the property owners to join our network and enhance the visibility of their space and business. For buyers looking for space for commercial and industrial purposes, Expanzs is the platform to connect with property owners. The spaces listed are vetted with accurate details given by property owners.

Looking Beyond Space

With an on-demand storage solution, the issue of speed and time is resolved. However, by providing additional services, we ensure smooth transition and operation of the chosen storage space. The beauty of Expanzs is that it offers a complete package to automate the entire supply chain.

Expanzs is simple yet powerful and to get your business up and running, we offer IBWMS and logIZtics from the Intelizest Group, which can be integrated with your warehouse space to simplify and automate all activities related to storage.


This IoT based Warehouse Management Solution is a full – fledged, ready to deploy solution to automate and provide effective warehouse management and control.


A comprehensive solution designed to cater all inbound and outsourced logistics to enhance customer experience, efficiency and business growth.

Are you ready to join us?

For more details on our Supply Chain products and Blockchain services, please reach out to our team at Intelizest.