iBWMS – Warehouse & Transportation Management

Efficiently connecting inventory, logistics, and data for streamlined operations

iBWMS is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize warehouse operations and enhance efficiency. Let’s delve into its key features:

  • iBWMS manages warehouse space, ensuring optimal utilization. It optimizes storage layouts, minimizes aisle congestion, and maximizes capacity.
  • Inventory management is streamlined, allowing for accurate tracking, efficient stock rotation, and reduced carrying costs. By consolidating multiple orders into efficient delivery routes, iBWMS reduces transportation costs and improves delivery schedules.
  • Batch processing and route optimization contribute to smoother logistics.
  • Efficient dock management ensures smooth loading and unloading processes. iBWMS schedules dock slots, monitors activity, and minimizes wait times.
  • The transport management module facilitates seamless allocation of trucks for deliveries. Real-time tracking ensures timely shipments to points of delivery (PODs).
  • Route optimization and load planning enhance transportation efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and delivery delays.

iBWMS empowers businesses with intelligent warehouse management, seamless transport coordination, and robust reconciliation capabilities. Whether handling raw materials or finished goods, iBWMS enhances overall supply chain efficiency.

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Warehouses are becoming increasingly dynamic as businesses become more complex and shorter lead times are promised to customers. This creates challenges for organizations without the scale and access to large amounts of capital to invest into warehouse management technology.


Covering all the features of WMS IoT enabled tracking with RFID and Beacons, QR/Barcode right from Gate in to Gate out.


iBWMS covers the inventory module and valuation based on FIFO or MAP. Also includes costing based on BOM, Recipe and Processing form.


Full-fledged TMS which covers the allocation of drivers to acceptance of the trip to tracking of the trip to completion. IoT enabled tracking throughout.


iBWMS supports all services done inside Warehouse like, Kit to Stock, Kit to Order, Cross Docking, BOM, Recipe based insights on Receiving.

iBWMS is a complete Package developed in alignment with the ‘Smart Warehousing’ concept of Digital Supply Chain. Our solution enables a real-time monitoring of warehouse which includes the materials/ assets/ equipment and processes, to generate insights in inventory and storage statuses such as storage location optimization and reduced warehouse operations.


Simple Warehouse Configuration starting from,
  • Warehouse Layout (Virtual Plotting)
  • Storage Sections
  • Storage positioning
  • Storage Types
  • Strategies at Storage Bins.
  • Master Data Setup
  • Handling Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Goods Receipt Optimization
  • Gate Entry/Pass - In/Out
  • Dock Management
  • QR/Bar Code can be generated capturing batch/serial Management/shelf-life/Expiry dates
  • Receive by Alternate UoM
  • Internal Quality Check (IQC)
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Direct Receipt from Production
  • Auto Bin Determination based on Put-away strategy
  • Internal Routing
  • E-commerce Returns receipt
  • Cross Docking
  • Yard Management
  • Seamless tracking at Product/Carton and Pallet/ Rack level.
  • Inward automation with Beacons & RFIDs
  • Auto Put-away and Picker Assignment
  • Kit to stock, Recipe Management
  • Returnable gate pass
  • Inward adjustment, Store return
  • Bin to Bin transfer, Warehouse Transfer
  • Scrapping/Waste Handling, Expiry Item Transfer
  • Repacking recommendations
  • Cross Docking Movements
  • Packaging specifications
  • Tare Weight Management
  • Batch Management and Serial numbers
  • Inventory management
  • On-demand stock taking, Inventory cycle count
  • Stock consolidation
  • Integration with other systems (ERP)
  • Visibility into Warehouse operations and Queue
  • Necessary alerts and notification to stake holders
  • Auto Bin Determination based on Picking strategy
  • Consolidation of Picking / Pick Slip
  • Route determination
  • Picking, Staging / Verification & Packing
  • Packing Slips & Documents
  • Kit to Order
  • Cartonization
  • Good Issue own stock
  • Asset tracking
  • Enhanced Labour management
  • Delivery Management
  • Delivery Consolidation
  • Shipment tracking – Last Mile Delivery
  • Pick by Cart, Production Supply (JIT)
  • Outward automation with Beacons & RFIDs


iBWMS has pre-configured tools to simplify and speed up the implementation and deployment of the Warehouse solution. The Readily Deployable Solutions (RDS) are industry vertical based. They are pre-configured leaving the Clients to configure to their requirements within 4 to 6 weeks.


Manufacturing templates supports the hierarchy of,

Company against Plant to Warehouse to the ration 1:n:n.

Supports creation of BOM, Recipe against issue for Production of Finished Goods. The same will be cross checked by the system when the Finished Goods are received again. The Algorithms check and will be able to alert in case of deviations.

Other than all, system has all the features of standard WMS, Inventory Valuation, Delivery Management & Value Added Services.


The hierarchy for Retail supports all types of Warehouses specific to Hypermarkets, Super markets and cluster of mini markets.

This templates has the Processing Form which will help to capture the Goods that transforms from one product to another when brought inside the Warehouse.

Inventory can be managed at Warehouse level or at Backhouse/ Front house at super markets. The scanning of inventory and write off with approval.

Other features are available as standard.

Yard Management

Supports all type of Yards for Automobile, Steel and Container.

Dock Appointment scheduling, Task Planning and Cross Docking.

Location determining and Stacking. Classification of Transportation Units. Mobile Yard execution, Driver Self Check-in.

IoT enabled integration capabilities for tracking and capturing operations for automation.

Central Warehouse

This template is for Warehouses catering to 3PL as well as Warehouses/ Godowns for the storage of agricultural produce, seeds, manures, fertilizers, agricultural implements and notified commodities offered by individuals, co-operative societies and institutions.

Pest Control Services with alerts and tracking of QA checks based on the Depositor is available.

There are also Temperature Controlled services as well as other extension services of Farmers.

Why iBWMS?

Why us?

The Physical to Digital to Physical Leap of Industrial 4.0

As the evolving needs of Warehouses move beyond the capabilities of simple automation, there is a need for having a system which can supports semiautonomous, flexible machines for value added services, Next generation distribution operation services, Fully automated picking and quality assurance to adjust to rapid changes in demand.


iBWMS uses IoT applications for gather data in terms of Location tracing, triangulation for location accuracy to provide alerts for any unauthorised transactions.
Temperature alerts and controls.

IoT devices are also used to track the movement of assets and movement of pickers/ packers inside the warehouse. IoT sensors are also used for Cycle count as part of Inventory.


Right from Bin determination towards Goods receipt to the picking for the Issue is handled by the various algorithms developed as part of the system. They support the entire Goods movement inside the warehouse.

Any Issue from Warehouse to Production and receipts against the issues are tracked in the system through the BOM/ Recipes managed. Machine Learning algorithms help to do the analysis and provide useful insights for optimization.


The complete business process flow is supported by Mobile that the transactions are recorded on real time. Access provided based on the role authorization with ability to support Barcode, RFID and Beacons

As the Warehouse with all the specifications are configured the Layout is virtually plotted with the help of AI and subsequently the layout is loaded in mobile for guidance inside warehouse.

Going from automated to truly ‘Smart’ with next generation supply chain solutions for Warehouse and Distribution Centres:
Going from automated to truly ‘Smart’ with next generation supply chain solutions for Warehouse and Distribution Centres:
  • Though designed to support IoT devices for automation, system supports Barcode, QR code and RFID too.
  • RDS templates provides quicker implementation methods and realisation of investment within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Customization is mostly for the Forms and Reports alone. Rest all are only Configurable.
  • Retail Add-on available to configure the Front house of the Super Markets.
  • OCR enablement supports and makes life easier where the majority of companies have challenges since none of ERPs or any application captures critical data like MPN, Mfg. date and LOT number.
  • Delivery (TMS) module to take care of the complete Logistics.
  • APIs available to integrate with any backend system for seamless data flow of business process.

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