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Our Products Suite


Built on SAP HANA, TurboZest brings predictive business insights and real-time data through data extraction and analysis, to monitor business growth while making decision making faster and effective.


This IoT based fully automated warehouse management solution which is also integrated with the Estimote Beacons, will manages all your warehouse operations without any manual intervention.



A smart supplier collaboration portal integrated with Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline and simplify the procurement process across all industry verticals.


A .NET based ERP solution to cater to all the functionalities of your business, improve business efficiency and maximize workforce productivity. Your one-stop solution for improved decision making.


Built on the SAP Leonardo platform, it aims to digitally transform the global automobile industry. It focuses on key areas of the industry like Supply Chain, Product Recall, Digital Insurance Claim etc.


Technological advancements has led to emergence of new products, services and business avenues. The world of healthcare is not an exception.

White Label Solution

A mobile app customized to meet your business requirements while maintaining your existing brand values and ideals.



An extensive solution for both Inbound and Outsourced(3PL) logistics to help customers quickly transform paper-based, error-prone businesses into service leaders thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and overall growth.


Get insights for accurate decision making with this .NET based solution which also incorporates Machine Learning in ERP to manage your business operations, financial and compliance requirements.

Our Services

Our services are structured around providing ‘Enterprising Solutions’ to reshape Enterprises. It helps them to reform their business entirely and embrace the future needs of business through our Forward Thinking Solutions that are designed and architected by our experts, who have deep knowledge on Industry verticals.


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Blockchain for Enterprises
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Blockchain for Enterprises
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Industry 4.0: IoT for Warehouse Automation
Chennai 2019
Empowering Enterprises through Blockchain
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Empowering Enterprises through Blockchain
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Intelizest has collaborated with various renowned service providers to achieve ‘Digital Enablement’. Our resources are skilled in cloud transformation. We have partnered with both Amazon and Azure.


The leadership of Intelizest has grown and evolved in getting the products designed to meet the needs of businesses. With a passion for technology, the team in Intelizest has opened COE for IoT, Cloud, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain.

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