TurboZest is business analytics reporting application built to give you predictive insights and help you track the financial health of your business. Our aim is to provide our clients with real-time business intelligence, in-depth analysis and accurate data to help make smarter business decisions.

These insights are created when the existing database is integrated to the SAP HANA platform, on which the solution is built. The data is extracted, analysed and presented as meaningful and insightful reports that help in swift and intelligent business decision making.

The decision-making reports are based on ‘patterns’ of the business which will help you review, analyse and comprehend complex data. The Predictive Analytics Library (PAL) system of SAP HANA is used to generate reports and analysis which are visualized using the SAP Cloud Analytics and Digital Boardrooms. TurboZest has been built using three SAP HANA modellers:

Calculation views

Analytical vies

Attribute views

TurboZest also connects swiftly with both SAP and Non-SAP systems thereby minimizing costs and saving time. With this, your business functions will be simplified, streamlined and automated. Simply put, this is a predictive business analytics solution to make complex financing simpler

Here are the features that make TurboZest unique and ideal for your business:

Predictive Reporting Capability:

The reports and analysis are generated with the help of PAL and R-Language algorithms used by SAP HANA and are up to 95% accurate. This helps businesses make better and more viable decisions about the future of the business. The reports are generated based on ‘patterns’ of the business. Every business can identify their own KPI’s which will be used to develop reports and analysis.


The KPI parameters are flexible and can be altered given the requirement of the business, thereby allowing businesses to explore various aspects and making the results more dynamic in nature. A few of the commonly used KPI’s include:

BIDTA monitoring to help measure company performance.

Balance Sheet reports provide period-wise comparisons.

Sales Performance Analysis to showcase revenue and profits.

Future Revenue Prediction, which provides insights into the future revenue of the company based on historical data.

Receivables Prediction Plots, gives details and predicts the amount of receivables expected for the future.

Monitoring Specific Accounts with the help of notifications.

Wide range of reports:

Once onboard, you have access to 40 reports instantly, these include reports for the Finance, Sales, Costing and Purchase departments. We also have a provision to provide our clients additional reports which will be deployed on request.

Swift integration:

One of the key features of the solution is that it interfaces swiftly and seamless with both SAP and Non-SAP systems, thereby reducing implementation costs for our clients. It will take us a maximum of 3-4 weeks to connect to any backend system after which you will have access to all the reports and data.

Plug and Play:

All you need is for TurboZest to be connected to your existing data resources to start generating the desired reports. These will then be instantly delivered to your dashboard for you to analyse, review and make decisions. The seamless integration into the system makes generating results much simpler, saving costs and time. It is a powerful solution to help you analyse complex financial data for better decision making.

Access to SAP Digital Boardroom:

In order to stay relevant and ahead in the market, businesses today need to bring into their processes high level digital technologies. The SAP Digital Boardroom which runs on the SAP HANA Platform is one such technology that has found its way into strategic discussions related to business.

The boardroom double as an interactive dashboard that gives businesses an insight into real time data and analysis, thereby opening new avenues for the business. It allows businesses to forecast different scenarios for the future and strategize accordingly, and also helps improve financial visibility and also transform business processes. The 3-touch screen touch set-up not only gives users a complete overview of all the business functions but also simplifies boardroom discussion processes, thereby saving executives a lot of time.

The ability to use complex data to predict the future and strategize accordingly is the key to running a successful business.

User friendly UI:

The solution is desktop and mobile friendly and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. TurboZest is supported on both iOS and Android devices.


The reports generated are published onto PowerBI and Lumeria, making analysis of reports easier for the viewer. These platforms also allow users to access the data on the go.