Monitor the pulse of corporate finance anywhere, anytime with the TurboZest’s mobile app. You are just a touch away from insights, analysis

Features & Benefits

Application integrated with SAP HANA system

Brings predictive insights to everyone in the business

Insights into events instantly delivered via dashboards and alerts

Helps charting strong business strategy and decisions by retrieving Real time data

KPI parameters are flexible and configurable as per need and requirement and outputs more presentable and dynamic

Publish reports into PowerBI, Lumeria etc.,

Supports both Android and IOS device,

Plug and Play – Connect to exiting data resources

Key Performance Indicators

BIDTA Monitoring helps monitor and measure Company performance

Profit and Loss / Balance Sheet Analytical Report provides period wise comparison based on various parameters

Future Revenue Prediction provides insight to the future revenue of the company based on historical data

Receivables Prediction plots and predicts amount of receivables in future periods

Monitoring Specific Accounts allows monitoring accounting entries posted for the account through notifications

Sales Performance Analysis helps showcase Revenue, Profit