IT Strategy

IT is increasingly a critical enabler of business transformation and growth and needs to play a fundamental role as it partners with the business. Our vision has always been to help realize the full potential of the client’s IT as they embark on major change and growth initiatives. We work with the companies to develop practical, implementable IT strategies that aligns with the plan, budget and objective of the organizations.

Few areas of focus which helps us to derive IT strategies are:

Assessment of potential benefits by applying technologies or fine tuning of existing applications, platforms, services, infrastructure of your business processes and developing scenarios for realizing the business benefits.

Developing strategies that enable the delivery of business agenda by building business cases that enable measurement and governance of business value.

Technology enabled innovation insights that propose ways of using technology to enable innovation to support business.

IT risk assessment and operational maturity.

Application and Infrastructure Optimization

In the ever changing business and technology environment, companies have to ensure that their existing applications landscape and IT infrastructure are up-to-date, well connected and adaptable to be easily integrated with newer technologies.

Many businesses face the challenge of striking the right balance between taking advantage of the agility and innovation of modern “disruptive” digital technologies, and harvesting the cost and reliability benefits of industrialized, standardized applications that provide the transaction and data backbone to support their business processes.

Intelizest believes that our application and infrastructure optimization offerings enable us to be a partner of your choice. We focus on:

IT Digitalization: Identifying opportunities to modernize the application and provision of User Interface Layer with Mobility, E-commerce and  Automation as a whole

Upgrade of the existing system: Support Clients to the latest – particularly SAP clients with HANA migration and reaping the benefits of the new  ERP.

Cloud Strategy: Intelizest partners with Amazon and Microsoft Azure and have a team fully trained and aware of Cloud sizing/movement and managing.

Cloud computing implementation and migration

Cloud computing strategy and business cases

IT as cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) service broker

IT infrastructure and application discovery