Retail is one of the most dynamic industries, characterized by constant change due to large number of customers, their demands, seasonal sales, distributed locations and so on. Today’s consumers use many different channels to compare and buy products and services. They expect retailers to provide fast, consistent and reliable services round the clock, across the globe. This brings about the need for reliable IT solutions which can cater to the unique needs of demanding customers.


The retailers look for innovative ways to meet customer needs and enhance their retail experience. Intelizest’s understanding of the retail industry enables us to offer flexible and scalable solutions to retailers across the globe. We empowers retailers to be more customers centric by delivering solutions that provide personalization and enhanced shopping experience.


Achieving excellence in operations is critical to success in the retail industry. Streamlining store operations which include PoS, Barcoding and scanners, CRM, pickup, returns, is a major challenge faced by the retailers.

Retail Management System is cost-effective, comprehensive and scalable Point of Sale solution for Retailers. The system will also help control and manage inventory. It provides following features:

An end-to-end application to manage the entire retail business – managing store, sales outlets, POS, Items, Stocks

Enabling data synchronization between registers, cash points and main server

Single view of the customer across all channels

Integration of data from several offline and online sources to manage customers’ requirements

Development of access point applications and integration of the same with the master inventory

Deep inventory, purchasing and order-management functionality

Easy customization for specific retail requirements by system administration, reporting, etc.

Payment gateway integration

The Benefits of the System:

Efficient customer support systems to help in reducing store handling times, eliminating manual errors and leakage of revenue.

Easy handling of payment methods such as cash, credit/debit cards, coupons, gift vouchers and so on.

Efficient management of customer data and behaviour, thus facilitating the store operations strategy.

The Retail Management System will contain following modules:

Store Management

Sales outlets and POS Management

Stock Distribution, Collection and Management

System Administration