Today’s pharmaceutical companies need solutions that go well beyond standard Enterprise Resource Planning systems – complex operations, advanced project and quality management, mandatory compliance with strict regulatory bodies like FDA, and growing market demands are posing great challenges to the Pharmaceutical industry globally.

Both government regulatory bodies and patients are demanding a higher quality of care with reduced costs while ensuring enhanced transparency. This increases the pressure to meet stringent quality, traceability and document control standards, including compliance with Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Track and Trace

By 2018, over 40 countries and more than 75% of global medicine supply will be covered by one or more track and trace regulations. Globally operating and supplying pharmaceutical companies need to fulfil the requirements of complex serialization, traceability, verification and government reporting regulations.

We believe in Track and Trace of any product from the origin to the end of life cycle.

Track and Trace delivers value and integrates with the supply chain network.

The California e-Pedigree Approach

The complexity of the drug distribution supply chain makes it difficult to prevent product diversion and counterfeiting. To address this problem, drug manufacturers are turning to so-called e-pedigree solutions to repeatably track every package, bundle, case and pallet. In fact, California e-pedigree legislation requires that 50 percent of pharmaceuticals shipped to the state starting in 2015 be tracked down to the individual bottle level.

We have the experience of working in Pharma Industries where it is mandatory to have the E-Pedigree solutions for most of the countries as part of the compliance.

RFID or Beacon Based Warehouse and Supply Chain Solutions

Intelizest works with various partners for RFID enablement. Our RFID solutions support ‘End to End Automation’ of the business process through Machine to Machine interaction. We can manage the entire process, from receiving raw materials to shipping boxes out of the warehouse.

As part of our new initiative, we achieved ‘Beacon’ supported solution. With the help of Estimote Beacons we have built a robust warehouse management solution which will be the flagship product in Warehouse Management Solutions.

Beacon supported Warehouse Management Solution–iBWMS