Logistics management is a key factor in the growth and success of any business and has a direct impact on its overall operations. It becomes more complex as the business operations grow, giving rise to the need for a comprehensive logistics solution that is built to meet the needs of the business.


Some of the challenges businesses often face include:



To help you overcome these challenges and provide your customers with the best service, we have developed an integrated solution for your business.


logIZtics is a cloud-based freight management solution for both in-house and outsourced logistics. Our aim is to provide users a comprehensive solution that is tailored to suit their business, helping you plan, implement and control business operations. implement and control business operations.


We help customers quickly transform paper-based, error-prone businesses into service leaders who can focus on customer satisfaction, operate more efficiently, and grow faster. Ours is an extensive solution for both Inbound and Outsourced(3PL) logistics.


Our solution caters to the needs of fleet owners and operators allowing them to handle end-to-end transport operations and accounting in an efficient and organized manner.

With logIZtics, users get a seamless logistics solution designed to simplify and streamline any and all logistics related challenges.


Real time information: Get instant and detailed insights on vehicle status and allocated jobs to help users make informed decisions.


Operations and Accounting: logIZtics is a complete solution that allows users to handle end to end operations and accounting in a single application, in an efficient and well-organized manner.


Dashboards and Alerts: Interactive dashboards and alerts gives business insights to the users on the status of the business transactions, allowing users to control business operations.


Mobile Application: Easy to use mobile application, for both iOS and Android devices, to access business information as well as receive alerts and notifications such as POD’s in real time.


Added business value: Users also gain access to insightful reports on:

a. Vehicle and Driver Management: Vehicle lifecycle is tracked end to end covering predictive maintenance and breakdown maintenance. Information can be accessed real time through the mobile app

b. Fuel Management: Insights to customers on fuel plan vs consumption in real time for each trip.