iSuite - End-to-End Solution for F&B Industry

Finding good suppliers, favourable deals, as well as keeping up with changes in pricing, terms, and other factors, can be a very complex task in the Food and Beverage industry. iSuite has all the right ingredients to manage the F&B industry’s operations, financial and compliance requirement.It is an automatic procurement process developed to streamline your processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

iSuite is a complete and flexible solution that offers deep, proven and end-to-end capabilities right from order management, procurement, recipe management to inventory management. This is also the first solution to incorporate Machine Learning in ERP. Our aim was to develop a fast, nimble and high performing supply chain to enable greater responsiveness to insights being taken from market analysis, assuring transparency and traceability in the process.

iSuite has the capability to consume the data provided from the POS system and derive insights for rich decision making to the management leading to profitability. Apart from this, iSuite will also be able to give your business a competitive advantage in the market.

Procurement module:

It will help protect profits with commodity-price risk management, intelligent sourcing and process efficiencies.This module will look into all the aspects of procurement, beginning with spend analysis upto the final procurement process. The processes include:

Spend analysis: To give you accurate, consistent and detailed visibility into your spend

Strategic sourcing: To help you discover, evaluate and compare suppliers

Supplier Management: You can now onboard and manage multiple supply chain tiers

Financial Management: To assist in aligning procurement with both bottom & top line business performance objectives

Procurement: the module will ultimately help you will gain operational efficiency to ensure compliant purchasing.

Inventory management module:

The most vital component of this module is to evolve and adapt ahead of the business requirements and needs. This module gives you the provision to trace, track and account for each inventory item at any time. Inventory can be kept at optimum levels through protecting the business against the risk of under and over stock issues.Automation improves the efficiency of production, procurement, distribution, and sales.

Recipe management module:

This module is in line with the inventory management module and procurement module. It allows you to track food cost and profitability on a daily basis thereby helping you to adapt to changing market condition. You can also ensure that menu items and yields are consistent across restaurant chains. A centralized library of recipes can be maintained for future reference and to view details such as nutritional facts, allergens, plating instruction and more, complete with pictures and videos. There is also a provision for automatic recipe costing and food cost calculations by linking to procurement.

Mobile applications:

Ignoring mobile marketing is simply no longer an option for any business as they provide a much faster alternative for web browsing. It reinforces your brand by increasing the visibility, simplifies communications and help customers to quickly connect to the businesses. Our user friendly mobile app is available for the iOS and Android devices. You can now have access to real-time data anytime, anywhere and improve business effectiveness.

Analytics and Reporting:

iSuite is the first to incorporate Machine Learning in ERP. Our user specific dashboards carry relevant information such as explanatory reports and Intuitive graphical reporting with ready-to-use spend reports by category, supplier, payment terms, diversity etc. These reports and analysis will help you make better procurement decisions and improve savings. We also have the provision for ad-hoc reporting across multiple dimensions.


iSuite has the ability to be retained on any existing Software System (Billing/Finance or any other) within the landscape.