IoT based Hospital Management

Medical institutions thrive on the trust and transparency they offer to their patients, this apart form the medical care and attention they give to each patient. Technology has made this process of building trust and operating transparently a possibility for even the Healthcare sector. With iDOC we aim to build the entire healthcare landscape on the IoT ecosystem, the effect of which will be seen in the form of smart hospitals, automatic alerting systems, emergency medical system and remote vital sign monitoring.

iDOC brings a whole new dimension to patient care, doctor-patient interaction and medical device usability. Healthcare facilities can now provide better quality of services, optimization of resources with this integrated healthcare solution that is deigned to manage all hospital functions. iDOC can be easily deployed and customized to meet the needs of the hospital.

How it Works?

In medical terms, personalized health care is categorized as Lifestyle data that is collected from wearable technologies that track our vital stats; clinical Data that is specific to patients and resides in electronic medical reports; and different data sets of Biological data.

iDOC solution uses the available lifestyle data, Clinical data and combines it with biological data. With such voluminous and multiple data sets, SAP HANA is the ideal platform to integrate them for faster and more accurate response.

Machine Learning:

All devices used are connected through machine learning technology, making it dynamic. Integration of the latest softwares will give flexibility to connect and demonstrate a well-integrated system.

Real time analysis:

Irrespective of the source of the data, iDOC will analyse the data in real-time. Patient medical history and other medical harts can eb extracted in no time. This swift and real-time data could serve as a great preventive mechanism and can initiate the much required critical care required.

User Friendly dashboards:

These support all business processes of hospital management right from the time the patients’ admission into the hospital. There are also role-based modules that recorded the activities of the doctors and nurses. We also offer a provision for other roles such as that of administration and finance to be covered under the modules.

Automated processes:

Based on the patient wearable device, a screen pops us with patients’ medicals details, on the dashboard. Automatic monitoring of patients once inside the hospital, without any human intervention. Fully automated hospitals will have a quick turnaround efficiency, as manpower can be utilized effectively for work which requires their attention.


iDOC can be integrated or retained on any existing system within the landscape


The availability of beds and their positioning in the hospital can also be tracked. The RFID controller captures patient device and prompts the registration process.