IoT based Hospital Management

Technological Advancements’ has led to emergence of new products, services and business avenues. The world of healthcare is not an exception. The idea behind Intelizest’s Hospital Management Solution – iDoC, is to bring a whole new dimension to Patient Care, Doctor’s interaction and Medical Device Usability. Effectiveness of this solution will result in – Smart Hospitals, Automatic Alerting Systems, Emergency Medical Systems, Remote Vital Sign Monitoring.

Analysing patients profile can be time consuming, gaining medical insights by merging and validating data from different source can be a challenge.

Our approach will be to build the entire landscape in IoT ecosystem. The landscape is completely hosted on SAP HANA.

The challenges around ‘HealthCare Industry’ are,

The volume of Data

Leveraging the personalized health data categorized as

Biological Data

Clinical Data

Lifestyle Data

iDoC’s Solution targets using Lifestyle Data (wearable technologies) that tracks our vitals and the Clinical Data specific to Patients which resides as ‘Electronic Medical Records’ and combine with the different datasets of Biological Data. With multiple datasets SAP HANA acts as the perfect platform to integrate them all for a faster and quicker response for any kind of need (reports, predictive analysis or treatment support decision) be it for Hospitals/ Doctors or Others.With Data from multiple sources and the volume of Data being Humungous can’t think of a better solution than HANA.


iDoC fully supports all Business Processes of Hospital Management(end-to-end)from the moment of Patient’s admission into hospital,Room Management,Continuous monitoring the patient’s various life science vitals via User friendly Dashboard

Separate Role based modules available through which all activities of the respective roles can be recorded (e.g. Doctor Module, Nurse Modules)

Roles are also done for Administration, Finance (Billing) and other services.

Based on the Patient wearable device, screen pops up automatically with Patient ID and details for registration, when they enter the hospital / Labs / Scan etc.

Flexibility in integrate or retain any existing system (Billing / Finance or any other) within the landscape.

The devices are all connected through ‘Machine Learning’ concept that the programming is dynamic.

Analyse large data in real-time no matter what source they are from, Extract patients medical history in no timeEMR and Immunization Charts are also provided as part of this Solution.

Detailed Room/ Bed positioning, availability of beds can also be tracked with the system.

Automatic and continuous monitoring of Patients inside the hospital will be carried out without human intervention.

This will be a Flagship product in IoT space for Healthcare Industry Vertical.


In the current world of Globalization, remote monitoring and attention to our loved ones is made easier and effective.

Helps patients to keep track of their vitals anytime, anywhere and at their convenience

The swift and detailed information about the health metrics could serve as a great preventive mechanism

Initiate much needed critical medical care and emergency need

Enables Patients to work with the doctors to keep their health on track

Hospital to be fully automated with quick turnaround efficiency and alert mechanism on all key parameters.

Effective use of Manpower for work which requires their attention.

Integration of all possible combination of Software giving the flexibility to connect and demonstrate a well-integrated system.

Data latency period would be very minimal considering the critical life-bound nature of health care industries

The most engaging factor for any health institution is to provide trust and transparency. This solution helps the doctor community in all the ways to establish the same.

This will be a Flagship product in IoT space for Healthcare Industry Vertical.

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