iBWMS – IoT Based Warehouse Management Solutions

At Intelizest, we develop solutions to help you simplify your business processes and improve operational efficiency. With this in mind, we created a fully automated IoT based Warehouse Management Solution (iBWMS). This solution is powerful, affordable and designed to increase warehouse inventory accuracy, minimize costs, save time and improve resource allocation.

iBWMS is a smart and hyper-efficient warehouse system based on IoT that helps you track, receive, pick and stock goods without any manual intervention. It helps tackle challenges such as inventory oversight, space utilization and inefficient processes within the warehouse. Such inefficiencies within the system not only slows down work processes but also increases your costs.

The solution is integrated with Beacons and is designed to connect to any other sensor product available in the market for connectivity. iBWMS will integrate seamlessly with any existing ERP, WMS or Accounting Application, thereby improving the accuracy of inventory valuation and stock position. The solution can be deployed for any business in any industry vertical, using our tailor-made templates.

iBWMS is an end-to-end warehouse management solution that will automate the entire operations of the warehouse using IoT and Native technology integration. All of this is achieved with almost zero to minimum change management to the operation staff, and very minimum investment and adoption time.

See how your business can benefit from using iBWMS for all warehouse operations.

Integrated HANA DB:

Native Integration with latest technologies and support of SAP HANA makes warehouse operation efficient. We can assure our clients of 99% inventory accuracy right from locating the products to allocation of space inside the warehouse.

IoT enabled solution:

A smart, fully automated hyper-efficient warehouse system can be created with help of IoT. The product currently comes with integrated with Estimote Beacon and the collaboration helps to achieve:

Guided picking and packing:

The Predictive Analytics algorithm also guides picking and packing through mobile interface. Since it uses an algorithm and not human intervention, there is no scope for any errors. The algorithm calculation for slotting determination is based on number of packages, packaging types and package content.

Bin Determination:

IoT also manages other aspects of warehouses management such as bin determination for put-away and picking (using Algorithms and Strategies though Python and HANA XS services.

Alert Mechanism:

Mechanisms such as temperature variation and delivery date alerts improves warehouse management, making the process more efficient.

Fully automated:

This is a fully automated solution which means integration into the system can be achieved with almost zero change management to the operation staff. iBWMS works seamlessly with any existing ERP or WMS system. It also enables automated capturing of data with zero to no disruption to existing business processes. Readily available API that connects to any system and integration with native applications using RFID and barcode technologies also aid in complete automation.


Since every business has its own requirements, we provide full support in terms of giving our clients customer specific requirements. These could be in the form of both configuration and personalization.

Real-time tracking:

With the help of in-memory computing you can get real-time tracking abilities of your inventory. iBWMS actively tracks receiving, picking, stocking for you without manual intervention.

Added business value:

With iBWMS managing various aspects of warehousing, you can increase the efficiency and turn-around time of resources. The inventory accuracy of over 99% assures you quick return on investment as well as increased productivity of labour. As a result, there is an improvement in the speed at which warehouse operations take place.