iBWMS – IoT Based Warehouse Management Solutions

Complete Solution to automate entire operations of Warehouse with IoT devices and native technologies integration. Achieved with almost zero to min Change management to the operation staff and a very minimum investment and adoption time.

This Solution supports in the automation of Warehouse integrated with ERP or any other system thereby improving the overall accuracy of Inventory valuation and stock position.

This solution also increases the efficiency of the Warehouse resources.

Solution Highlights

Complete automation of Warehouse starting from ‘Put away’ to ‘Pick’

Avoids the manual transactional entries to support the IT system.

Enables automated capturing of data with minimum to ‘No’ disruption to their existing business process.

Efficient working of resources inside the Warehouse.

Just in Time Delivery

Improves the speed of warehouse operations

Integrates operations to reduce order processing time.

Manages SKU proliferation

Labeling compliance is ensured

Guaranteed Availability with increased accuracy on order fulfillment

Integration challenges between different systems.

Capturing the state of data in various systems.

Reduces constraints and lowers need for longer working hours in warehouses.

Reduces Inventory while managing higher fill rates.

Improves labor efficiency

Business Value

Automate the warehouse operations completely with no Change management to the operation staff.

99% Inventory accuracy right from locating the products to allocation of space.

Reduces delay in shipments

Effective Cross Docking (Offsite Consoldiation)

Temperature tracking provides increased efficiency to Cold Storage Warehouse.

Solution Highlights

Guided mobile interface for picking and packing activities.

Bin Determination for Put way & Picking using Algorithms & Strategies Using Python & HANA XS Services, Cross Docking functionalities.

Reporting (Analytical, Attribute, Predictive reports using PAL.

Alert Mechanisms like Temperature Variation & Delivery Date Alerts(HANA – SMTP Functionality, SDS for temperature reading)

SAP SFP Technical Validation