Cloud Infrastructure and Security

Challenges facing today’s customers are the rapid changes in the IT landscape. Evolution of Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, Social Media has brought in more volume of unstructured data which are key for today’s business world.

The changes that shapes the businesses are:

The changing nature of doing business.

Life span of a product in the market and the relative supply chain of dependent accessories.

Rapidly transforming technology which is disrupting the IT landscape.

Capturing consumer behaviour, one that has evolved and become highly informed, well-connected and more demanding.

Complex nature of regulatory changes impacting the industry and business outlook.

Enterprises are leveraging the power of software to modernize their IT infrastructure to run operations with tranquility, drive extreme automation, re-imagine legacy business processes and remain agile through an ideal mix of on-premise infrastructure, public, private and hybrid clouds. All this, while proactively countering the growing security threat landscape and optimizing the cost of operations.

Intelizest partners with Amazon and Azure. Our resources are certified in their Cloud transformation.

Our reference Cloud model is as follows

We value our customers and hence have chosen the ‘Highest Certified Security Model’ in Cloud offerings. There are three layers of security we check here:

Physical security of the data centre.

Secure development life cycle model where there are no opportunities for hackers to find a loop hole. Latest patches are applied periodically or patched up individually.

The third layer helps us virtualize the system and write our own security layer to ensure that only the people we have provisioned have authorization to access the data.

Internet of Things

With the world becoming more device oriented and dependent, Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of IT.

Intelizest started investing in developing applications on IoT across different industry verticals. Our solutions depend on concepts of:


Roadmap definition

Readiness assessment

Enterprise architecture planning

Digital devices preparedness

Security and other related assessment.


Proof of concept validation

Demonstration of IoT potential with wearables, connected devices and sensors

Monetization and Justification of the model


Systems and architecture design

Interactive design and user experience

Hardware Engineering

System integration


Subscription Management

Device monitoring and Management

Asset Lifecycle Management

Service Delivery Management

Intelizest lifecycle of any product development in IoT principle ranges from 2 to 4 months. We have built products for the following verticals: 

Healthcare with Wearable Devices on SAP HANA platform

Warehouse Management Solutions with Beacons

Automation of Logistics (Under development)

RFID/ Beacon Enablement

Intelizest works with various partners for RFID enablement as part of the IoT automation. These solutions basically support the ‘End to End Automation’ of the business process through Machine to Machine interaction.

Our RFID solutions are applicable to all types of Industry Verticals from simple Laundry management to chain of hotels to much complicated Pharma and Health Industries.

 As part of our new initiative we achieved ‘Beacon’ supported solution. With the help of Estimate Beacons we have built a robust Warehouse management solution which will be the ‘Flagship’ product in Warehouse Management Solutions.

Enterprise Mobility

We at Intelizest believe in the concept of SoCloDaMo (Social, Cloud, Data & Mobility) and as an organization have indulged in various Enterprise Mobile solutions. Most of our solutions run with the support of Mobility.

Our applications are built on Android and iOS platform. The applications currently developed by us support:

Attendance Management Solutions

Warehouse Management Solutions

Health Care Wearable Solutions

We have exposure on mobile UI’s through Fiori and Lumira (SAP applications) and other customized applications.

Intelizest looks forward to challenges and opportunities that come in the form of:

Creating new mobile driven business processes.

Defining new business models for mobile implementation.

Defining and developing solutions based on the IT policies.

S/4 HANA Ready Enablement

The core of Intelizest lies in SAP ECC solutions and enablement to S/4 HANA is our strength.

We have developed our own assessment tool which supports the assessment for any type of landscape migration to S/4 HANA.

We also have our own Functional and Technical consultants who are fully equipped to handle the latest HANA,  passing on the benefits of HANA as a database.