Criztel - Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions are vital to ensure business success. With the right software you can boost overall performance of the business. Criztel has been developed to cater to all functionalities of an organization such as Sales, Purchase, Finance, Human Resources, Asset Management etc.

Criztels’ computing power has increased such that enterprises can manage large data sets and complex algorithms. Machine Learning algorithms help to respond, predict and execute transactions with different reporting tools. With this you can unify your entire organization into one integrated business software suite.

Our solution ensures that the real time flow of information with customers, suppliers and your employees is made simpler and efficient giving you the power to optimize your business performance. Providing accurate data to aids in confident decision-making. It also comes with a provision to elaborate business intelligence and reporting tools to give managements quick access to accurate and relevant information instantly.

Criztel can be customized to suit the needs of the organization and covers all standard processes end to end.

Comprehensive Suite

Criztel is a complete solution that combines business functions into one easy to use application.


Order to Cash

Sales Return

Credit Management

Partner Functions

Customer Consignment


Procurement to Pay

PR / PO Approval process

Purchase Return

Vendor Consignment



Production Planning

Bill of Material

Recipe / Routing

Processing Forms

Made to Order / Stock


Item Management

Batch Management

Goods Movement


Special Stock


General Ledger

Budgeting & Control

Cost Center Accounting

A/ R, A/P, Cash Management


Bank Reconciliation


Fixed Assets Accounting

Capitalization, Depreciation, Re-evaluation, Retirement

Asset Tracking

Asset Sales


Transfer Order – Put-away

Transfer Oder – Picking

Bin to Bin Transfers


Cycle Counting


Sales Forecast Reports

Sales Performance Reports

Consumption based Purchase Forecast

Cost Analysis Report

Open Order Reports


It can be deployed On-Cloud and On-Premise. You get real time data access anytime and anywhere. There is low investment as you pay only for what you use. It is secure, scalable and flexible. You also get operational transparency and data consistency.


On Criztel you can operate multiple branches and companies on one system with full visibility across the enterprise.


Criztel caters to organizations and businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporate environments.


Integrating all business functions onto one platform for fluid information and process-flow enabling you to manage your business in real time.

User Friendly Interface:

Our user-centric design ensures ease of use. Navigating and accessing of information is simple and quick.