Track and Trace

We in Intelizest believe in Track and Trace of any product from the origin to the end of life cycle. Be it in ‘batches’ or ‘serialization’, we provide you solutions for any kind of Software to support the automation using Barcode and RFID.

It doesn’t end there, we have the experience of working in Pharma Industry where it is mandatory to have the E-Pedigree solutions for most countries as part of the compliance.

Track and Trace delivers value and integrates with the supply chain network

We have specialized Solutions for SAP ECC with an in built Middleware for integration to all systems.

Global Batch Traceability

Intelizest is one among the very few who are experienced in SAP Global Batch Traceability and the intricacies of the solution. Working on Track and Trace gave exposure to functionally and knowledge of system architecture in general. Experience in various technologies helped the team master the ‘GBT’ solution and also build a similar solution in other technologies.

Global Batch Traceability provides a corporate level view on a cross system product genealogy and the distribution of related tracked objects.

It supports to

Gain immediate insights into corporate batch genealogy

Fast reporting on the precise identification of the distribution record to drive pinpointed hold, withdrawal and recall actions.

Process multiple batches in a single run

Global Batch Management works across SAP and non-SAP systems and unifies product genealogy and related tracked objects data from either a single or distributed systems.

How GBT works in Product Issue Resolution Process?

Integrated Warehouse Management Solutions

The Integrated Warehouse Management Solution is yet another innovation from Intelizest for those in Logistics. Inventory and warehouse management operations are the core of any product and service oriented company. Managing the flow of accurate inventory data is proving to be a costly challenge for companies faced with cumbersome, error-prone, manual-based processes that lead to higher operating costs, excess inventory and inefficient use of storage space.

Designed for growing companies, Intelizest’s Warehouse Management System automates manual based processes from purchasing to shipping and delivery to customers. Having complete visibility and control is just a scan away.

Intelizest warehouse management solutions are available across a variety of industries including logistics services, wholesale distribution, manufacturing and automotive among others.

As part of the Warehouse Management Solutions, we have two types of solutions:

Typical warehouse Management Solution with Barcode and RFID enabled for automation.

Cold Warehouse Management enabled with Beacons

Key feature of this solution

Flexibility: Intelizest has the experience of developing this solution in Microsoft and SAP software. It has the range to accommodate right from Barcode to RFID to Beacons. In addition, it also has the ability to support multiple locations.

Advanced Technology: These solutions are built both in JAVA and .NET platform with the ability to integrate with any of the RFID devices, Barcode Readers and Beacons.

System Integration: The in-built middleware technology is adaptable to both REST and SOAP services.This helps integrating with any type of ERP and Accounting software.

For SAP ECC, we also have good experience using ODATA connectors.

Analysis and Reporting: Providing data on key performance indicators and evaluation of warehouse processes that improves decision making process.

Multi Channel Commerce Solutions

Intelizest believes in the four pillars of Digitalization

Our multi-channel commerce solutions focus predominantly on two areas:

Adoption of improved business operations for companies constrained with legacy systems and multiple channel/customer engagement platforms with no integration.

Expansion of clients to international arena or ventures into new business models.

Intelizest has good exposure to all kind of IT solutions available to promote Multi-channel commerce ranging from Magnus CMS to Digital e-solutions thereby:

Improve conversion rates and share of wallet

Reduce total cost of operations

Optimize supply chains and delivery systems

Increase revenue by reducing downtime

Improve operational efficiency through standardization while enabling a unified customer experience

Accelerate speed to market