BEAST, a Blockchain Enabled Automobile Solution Tool, has been designed and developed to digitally transform key operational processes of the Automobile industry. It encompasses the best of Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence, to ease the way of doing business starting from Automobile ancillaries to Automobile manufacturers.

Beast is a collaborative platform for all stakeholders in the automobile sector including Logistics and Banks, which connects everyone through the Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium by SAP Leonardo. It focuses on critical business areas such as Supply Chain Management, Insurance Claim, Product Recall Process and Warranty Claim.

In order to continue to remain relevant to this industry, there is a need for businesses to adapt and grow with the changing business processes and systems. Technological innovations and enhancements play a key role in making businesses more efficient, cost relevant and updated with the changes in the market.

The more powerful a solution, the simpler operations become, added to which common challenges within the automobile industry such as inefficient recall management, supply chain logistics, counterfeiting and lack of visibility into business processes, is resolved.

Bringing digital transformation and technological enhancements to these process through the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP Leonardo Blockchain, SAP Leonardo Machine Learning and SAP Leonardo Predictive Analysis), drives business to maximum efficiency. An SAP certified solution, Beast delivers the best of all worlds for the Automobile Industry.

SAP Cloud Platform:

The SAP Cloud Platform is used to address the challenges faced by the industry.

SAP Leonardo Blockchain – The primary functionalities of Blockchain is to achieve immutable, transparent, distributed ledger management. Key transaction data is automatically recorded and tokenized on the Blockchain, making these records indestructible, tamper-proof and guaranteeing the integrity of information. On Beast, supply chain integration for logistics is done by chaining the entire process via SAP Blockchain.

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning – Inherited solutions from SAP Leonardo Machine learning for IoT based auto maintenance.

SAP Leonardo Predictive Analysis – Beast analyses data patterns received from various sources on the portal, and performs predictive analysis, to generate reports for decision making, especially for the Product Recall Process.

Product Recall:

To help with product recall process, Beast collects data and information from sources such as Regulatory, DBM (Warranty Claim), Social Media and so on. The collected data is analysed using Predictive Analysis to generate reports and results to aide with better decision making. The portal also allows Manufacturers to track the recall process, end to end.

Added Business Value:

With Beast managing various aspects of supply chain management, businesses can increase the efficiency and turn-around time of resources. Through technological enhancements, it aims to improve the overall functionality of the business processes, improving and enhancing operational efficiency.

Easy Integration:

Beast has the ability to interface with any backend system with a total implementation time of 6-8 weeks.