Intelizest helps automobile companies run highly efficient operations across different businesses and IT functions by leveraging IT operations, lean IT principles, and IT infrastructure operations. We also provide solutions for efficient back-office operations spanning finance, human resources, procurement, warranty claim management and product operations that include product engineering services in a globally distributed model across a variety of vehicle domains and engineering disciplines.

Today’s Auto Industry is completely global, with few boundaries except in terms of cost and product enhancements. Every day they meet challenges of a constantly developing market where they need to do a lot to be successful. In order to have a market share and sustain the global competition.


Auto Industry has to ensure the following:

Develop their portfolio of offerings with respect to connected vehicles.

Create a smarter supply chain by leveraging available technology and focus on the right growth strategy.

Identify multi channels to connect to end-users and offer wide range of solutions that are attractive to the new-age digital customer who is seamlessly connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Reduce time-to-market to make sure products reach the market before the competition

Though this can help in retaining the market, in order to become a strong player, it is crucial to have streamlined and structured approach. This can be made possible by:

Using big data and foresights derived from predictive analytics and data science (Real- time intelligence using the data available for timely, more accurate decisions )

Leveraging digital technologies to do more with connectivity, and enabling the true power of the IoT

Amplifying platforms and Software as a Service(SaaS) to maintain lower cost of ownership as well as simplifying aftermarket support.

Intelizest has developed many RFID solutions and one significant product is for the Automobile Industry. With RFID, it is not about sharing the information rapidly and efficiently but about ensuring that the information is reliable, accurate and timely in a cost-effective and light weight manner.

Most of our solutions are RFID ready and come with POC kits which can be easily deployed and experimented with any kind of software that exists.

Our Solutions

Intelizest has mastered several solutions for various segments of Auto Industry which can support Automotive Manufacturing, Automotive OEM’s and Automotive Suppliers like,

Warranty Management Solution

RFID Based AUTO ID Solution

SAP Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Customized Solutions

We are ready with various products for Auto Industry:

Cloud Ecosystem

Demand Chain Management – SAP IBP

Sourcing & Procurement – Customized E-procurement solution

RFID Solutions – Customized IoT Solution, SAP AII

Inventory Management – SmartOps Inventory optimization