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CASE STUDY: RekoChain for Construction Industry

  RekoChain, our SMART supplier collaboration portal powered by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence has been developed to digitally transform the supply chain across industries. It is designed to adapt to any industry requirement and can help businesses monitor and manage all processes within procurement, from sourcing to financing!   Intelizests’ Blockchain as a Service on […]

Expanzs – A Marketplace for Space

Earlier this month, Intelizest took part in ‘India – Singapore: The Next Phase Business and Innovation Summit 2019’, a 2-day exhibition for Indian owned IT and Technology businesses in Singapore. Hosted by the High Commission of India in Singapore and in association with agencies of the Government of India, the event was graced by India’s […]

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Re-imagining Business – An On-Demand Space and Fulfillment Network

We’re proud to present our new product – EXPANZS, a spin off from Intelizest.   Expanzs is a online marketplace which connects various property owners looking to sell, rent or lease their properties for industrial and commercial purposes, with prospective buyers. On Expanzs, once can find spaces from Warehouses to Empty Containers to Open Yards […]

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Creating a strong Mobile presence in 2019!

There is a clear shift towards Omni-Channel marketing strategies, to reach out to customers, by both B2B and B2C businesses. Traditional marketing is now seeing tough competition from digital marketing with people adopting the digital life. An extension of one’s hand – the smartphone, has now become the consumers new address. Using a smartphone is […]

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Bringing Blockchain technology to Procurement

Blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrency but organizations in every industry are experimenting with how to use the technology for smart contracts, procurement, supply chain, payments and other applications.   What is Blockchain? Simply put, Blockchain is a platform where transactions can be made and recorded on a secure digital ledger. Differing from the traditional […]

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Why SMEs just like large businesses, require an ERP solution ?

  We live in a world that is digitally disrupted. Given the rapid pace of technological and digital advancement, change is inevitable. As a business, it is necessary to be able to detect change and act swiftly, with minimal disruption to your business.   Modern business practices require businesses to be nimble and agile in […]

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In Blockchain we Trust – Sourcing to Procurement to Payment in B2B(2B)

One of the biggest changes we’re seeing now in procurement, especially in enterprise software, is people’s expectations increasing based on their personal experience outside. Currently procurement is seen as a gatekeeper, ensuring that nobody does anything wrong. By and large, most people want to follow the rules. They just don’t know what the rules are. […]

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