There is a clear shift towards Omni-Channel marketing strategies, to reach out to customers, by both B2B and B2C businesses. Traditional marketing is now seeing tough competition from digital marketing with people adopting the digital life.

An extension of one’s hand – the smartphone, has now become the consumers new address. Using a smartphone is a matter of convenience and instant gratification. The ability to do things ‘on the go’ has led users to move all their transactions online, prompting businesses to follow suit and launch their mobile apps. With this, comes access and insight into the users’ data, personal taste and behaviour.

In an article by The Economist, ‘Data’ has been regarded as the most valuable resource in the world, beating Oil. The power of data lies in the sheer quantity that it is accessible and available in. Businesses that have identified means to use this data to boost their sales and generate revenue, are proof of the power of data.

With customer data being available on purchase, businesses must find ways to secure and own their customers’ data. And what simpler way to collect and own customer data than by bringing them on-board one’s mobile application. A customized mobile app allows you to collect customer data, analyse behavioural patterns, provide an e-commerce shopping experience and stay within an arm’s reach from your customer.

In a B2C market, which is extremely competitive, retaining customers is a major challenge. Creating a mobile app allows for enhanced customer engagement and also opens new opportunities for business while building on your brand image. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of developing a mobile app for your business.

Be it an online grocery app, e-commerce app or even a taxi booking app, it is necessary to be easily available and accessible for your customers, after all the power to make or break your brand lies with the customer.  It is a great tool that allows you to be connected to your customers at all times, making customer engagement the key to your success.

For small and mid-sized businesses, customer loyalty is critical to growth. With all the advertising noise out there across mediums and channels, it is difficult to stand out to the customers. While providing quality products, services and customer support will keep customers coming back for more, going back to the age-old technique of rewarding them for their loyalty still works wonders. Shoppers are easily attracted to deals, promo’s and vouchers. People are likely to shop more when they spot a ‘SALE’!

A report by the Business Insider on the global usage of mobile apps says that in countries like India, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and South Korea, the top 20% of smartphone users spend more than four hours on various apps, each day!! One can only imagine what the stats would look like in developed economies where a larger percentage of the population owns a smartphone or tablet.

At Intelizest, we are introducing our ‘White Label’ solution for B2C businesses particularly F&B and Retail. Designed and developed by us, it can be customized to reflect your brand identity and meet your business requirements. You can create a full-service mobile application that will function as a marketplace for all your brick and mortar outlets, providing customers with a choice from a wide range of products and services on a single platform.